What Do Counselors Do?

Hello SV Cougars ,

My name is Mrs. Jordan and I’m here just for you. I help you when you’re sad, confused, angry, when you need someone to talk to, and I help you become a better you.

Find videos that aid in helping with calmness, relaxation, and mindfulness.

Online forms for requesting meetings and contact information for Mrs. Jordan

It is the School Counselor’s duty to work together with parents to help students develop coping skills, emotional stability, and mindful wellness.

The Counselor works to help teachers and school support teams to with mindful support of students that they may become successful learners in the classroom setting.

Various links and numbers to help with everyday struggles. . . Food Banks, Hotlines, Medical, etc.

Spring Valley Elementary School 8838 E. 83rd Street, Raytown, MO 64138 Phone: 816-268-7270

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