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OPDsites.com exists to make website/Blog design affordable for everyone. Our pricing is designed to help our clients meet even the tightest budgets. Take a moment to look below and find a package that fits your budget and needs. And if you don’t see something that fits feel free to contact me and I’m more than willing to listen to your needs and see if I can help. click here to contact me.

Design Price List

Churches, Small Businesses, Ministries, Non-Profits, Schools

OnePurpleDeer.com is the parent company of OPDsites.com. OPDsites.com offers Complete Design Packages for monthly prices to help ease the strain of getting a professionally designed website.



There is a package to meet almost any need and budget. Take a moment to learn about each package and how it can meet your particular budget and design need.

Complete Design Packages

Basic Design Package -$10 mo

OPDsites.com’s Basic Design Package is great for those individuals just beginning their journey. It comes with just enough to help you take that first step toward your vision. Learn More

Connect Design Package -$40 mo

The Connect Design Package is for those that are seeking to connect with their clients, members, parishioners, or audience in a more in-depth way. Learn More

Premium Design Package -$80 mo

OPDsites.com’s Premium Design Package for those that need a unique, tailor-made print, branding, and website design . Learn More

All In Design Package -$160 mo

OPDsites.com’s All In Design Package is everything you need promote  your church, ministry, small business, non-profit, or organization’s brand in print, marketing, and online.

Learn More

Launch Design Package -$25 mo

Our Launch Package is just as the name implies, its designed to get your ministry, church, organization, small business, or non-profit off right. Learn More

Growth Design Package -$55 mo

Our Grow Package  is designed for those that are growing or anticipate growth. It offers print, branding, and website elements to help the growth of your small business, church, or non-profit. Learn More

Ultimate Design Package -$120 mo

OPDsites.com’s Ultimate Design Package is designed to help you  brand in a way that builds and strengthens relationships with your members/clients/audience. Learn More

ONEPURPLEDEER.COM-OPDsites.com looks forward to serving you as you serve others

Churches |Ministries| Non-Profts |Schools | Small Businesses | Organizations



OnePurpleDeer.com-OPDsites.com partners with you to bring your vision from concept to phenomenal. We understand that sometimes you just don’t have the time or feel a bit  overwhelmed when putting together your design project, that’s where OnePurpleDeer.com-OPDsites.com comes in to help. OnePurpleDeer.com-OPDsites.com takes on the workload for you and make your design project phenomenal whether it’s a website or an event program we make it amazing.

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OnePurpleDeer is a Christian owned and operated business.  From being to end one on one personal client care enables OPD to customize its services to your needs. Learn more about us

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